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TREE THE WORLD (‘TTW’) is a social movement bringing awareness to the importance of our trees.

Let’s show the COP21 attendees that the world cares about our trees and the future of our planet. As a platform of this expression, Tree the World has created the world’s first social network for trees, giving them both an identity and presence in the digital world.

TTW app focuses on mapping photos and personal stories of trees shared around the globe. The app allows you the ability to find the most interesting trees in your vicinity, or virtually explore special trees anywhere on the map. Be the first to share a photo of your favorite tree and set its name! Attach your love- / inspirational- / info-story and be part of giving the tree a personality for others to enjoy.

For every tree photo shared, TTW or one of its sponsors, will contribute to forest preservation and tree planting efforts.

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Haydee Stuart

Haydee is originally from Los Angeles, California. She majored in Film Production with a minor in Communication while at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Upon graduating she moved back to her hometown where she produced multiple feature films and television shows. Since 2010 she has been visiting the Mal Pais, Santa Teresa area. Currently splitting her time between Costa Rica and United States, Haydee has since turned her focus and skills on branding and marketing for small businesses worldwide. She is co-founder of Silicon Beach along with Hervé & Elion and enjoys working with great like-minded companies eager to change the future.

Elion Chin

Elion Chin, PhD is an entrepreneur and angel investor. Elion was co-founder of San Francisco based MoodLogic Inc successfully sold to AMG (acquired by publicly traded Rovi Corporation). Current ventures include Localeyes (SoLoMo), Wappo (Mobile Messaging) and Tree the World (Social Venture). His strength is putting together teams to execute extraordinary business ideas and infuse his experience in corporate development and strategic partnerships. Elion's extracurricular activity include founding and promoting the ‘Silicon Beach’ movement based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica encouraging freelancers, entrepreneurs and geeks of all traits to work with an ocean view and find inspiration in a healthier, balancing setting.

Marcus Trulli

Marcus Trulli is a Canadian-born artist, advertiser and marketeer. With years of experience in North American and European marketing and advertising, Marcus specializes in driving business goals via meaningful communication including media planning and strategic marketing across both traditional and digital platforms. Currently based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Marcus Trulli is working as a media consultant and donates his time towards local charity initiatives.

Hervé Fulchiron

Hervé Fulchiron, Master of Science in Software Engineering, is the founder of, an app studio specializing in the development of hybrid mobile apps. Living in the magical Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Hervé is a surfer, nature enthusiast, entrepreneur and growth hacker.